our clients include

" I am glad to hear you have new business! Everyone loved the ice creams. We are still enjoying the left overs from Wednesday and no one is shy about it. "

Annette Larson, NASA

" Yes thank you so much for the ice creams, they were delicious. The team was so excited to get the treats especially on a hot summer day. The flavors were great from mango, raspberry, coffee, chocolate to green tea - all really good. The packaging is simply but elegant for an ice cream bar. The variety of unique flavors was special and appealing to all different palates. I wish them much success and we will keep them in mind for an afternoon snack in our upcoming close meals for October. Thanks again. "

Susana, Disney

" We loved them! "

Marigold Franklin, Fuller house studio, Warner Bros

" Thank you SO much for Friday! It was great having you back on campus and we look forward to future events. "

Sarah Satterberg, Dreamworks Animation

" Thank you so much for the bars! They were amazing. So good! "

Joel Lara, LA Weekly